Thursday, July 26, 2007

Throwing rocks into the political pond

Someone please remind me why he's considered the "crazy" presidential candidate...

Oh yeah...


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JT Barrie said...

I'm confused by his comparison of Gin [hard drug and more easily abused] and marijuana. There are probably more than 2 gradations in drug classification. I usually compare moonshine liquor [a niche drug that is not even sold in most liquor stores because of demand] with Crystal Meth [if legally available it would have very low sales - especially after the novelty wore off after legalization]. A quarter million users with a hundred thousand hard core addicts in our population is no big deal. But when it is to an illegal drug those addicts adversely affect a lot more people with crimes necessary for actually bankrolling that addiction.
Ten dollars a day would keep a moonshine addict perpetually happy and nonproductive. Two weeks of a moonshine stupor costs the same as one day of a Meth stupor. A moonshine addict is a tragedy for most families and close friends of that addict who are motivated to encourage and support treatment. A Meth addict is a public pain in the ass invoking resentment and tragedy for many outside the family when they steal IDs and cars, burglarize homes and assault innocent people - some of them people who are teetotalers who make mostly healthy choices in their personal lives.
A quarter of a million meth addicts affects a lot more people than 2 million alcoholics. And everyone is victimized by high taxes diverted to incarceration or when chronic sexual predators are on the street to make room for drug offenders. And yes, we could keep a couple hundred thousand chronic DUI head cases off our roads if we ended this Jihad [calling a spade a spade] and quit emulating Chairman Mao in our self-righteous indignation at drug users.