Friday, July 27, 2007

Supplementing Stephen

Last night's Colbert Report... I am so jealous.

Well played, Aaron Houston. A courageous display of poise in the face of insurmountable, or at least yummy looking, Doritos.

Here is the article that launched Stephen's (that's Mr. Colbert to you) segment about hemp. To summarize, a flamboyantly conservative Republican who emphasizes just how shady he's not wants to legalize industrial hemp.

Here is an article that addresses the differences between marijuana and hemp, which I pulled off NORML's Industrial Use page.

And here, finally, is the Marijuana Policy Project, which Aaron represented so coolly. Don't stop at the home page - check out the action center to support medical marijuana, push for marijuana taxation and regulation, and cut off funding for our ONDCP buddies.

There. I did my homework. I wasn't just squealing about one of the three celebrities I go gaga over. (The others are Jon Stewart and Neil Gaiman. The latter writes books. Oh and then there's Rosario Dawson, she's hot. Anyway.)

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JT Barrie said...

Duh! Even my teenage son who is not that enthusiastic about my "in your face" approach to drug war advocates believes that banning hemp is monumentally stupid. If one considers all the founding fathers who raised hemp and the military applications of the product we owe a lot to the fiber.

He didn't rise to Colbert's baiting and made him look somewhat ridiculous. Of course Colbert's appeal is that his monologues do that for him anyway. He is a parody of establishment talk show hosts incarnate. He embodies Know Nothing stupidity. Just let him do his schtick and leave the audience laughing at his stances. What I would do is actually do a parody of Colbert himself and watch Stephen expertly agree with my nonsense, thus compounding the lunacy. Taking a drug war argument and going one step further just shows how ridiculous this policy is - if so many innocent people were not being hurt and citizen taxpayers were not being taken to the cleaners.