Monday, January 21, 2008

Help SSDP Win $10,000 on Facebook

Get on Facebook and donate some $chedda$ to SSDP! Is doesn't have to be much, even $10 will go a long way. If we can get 250 people to donate just $10 each before February 1st we can win $10,000. If we get more than 700 donors, we could win $25,000 and have a shot at winning $50,000!

While Facebook limits you to 20 invites per day on causes, you can invite an unlimited amount of people to this event and spread the word about this awesome opportunity.

And to top it all off, the #1 recruiter gets a FREE APPLE G4 LAPTOP!

Friends, reform takes money and the opposition has plenty of it. If your serious about reform then help SSDP with something as easy as a point and a click. FACEBOOK.

UPDATE: Jimi D shows us that helping SSDP win $10,000 is as easy as changing your Brita water filter...