Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gaming While High

And if you thought that silly alien ad was bad, get this. The ONDCP's newest angle on getting young people to not smoke pot is... it makes you suck at video games. And then, obviously, a poorly animated Zelda look alike will make you feel bad about yourself for losing level 3. He'll also suffer a broken arm and play chess instead. By himself.

This is just plain silly. This is what we're spending $60million a year on? I've seen Kung-Fu movies that are voiced over better than this piece of shit.

Just another offensive and likely counterproductive advertisement from the folks at Above the Influence. At least with Stoners in the Mist, you could actually play a game.

Let's compare that video with Safety First's Lets Talk About Meth and Other Drugs:

Remind me again. Which one had a budget of $60million dollars?

Monday, March 09, 2009

Glenn Beck: "Let's Legalize Marijuana"

Well folks, I think its obvious that Glenn Beck must be reading the DARE Generation Diary! He seems to have completely changed his tone about marijuana legalization.

Beck starts of this segment saying "I woke up this morning and I thought, we should legalize marijuana."

I have to say, I burst out laughing at first - the resulting combination of joy from seeing this discussion take place on Fox News and the absurdity of his last segment on the subject (not to say I'm not happy that the has seen the light!). Plus, I thought he might be kidding...

But, Beck provided the venue for a fantastic and balanced discussion about the effects of prohibition. This wasn't a discussion about the benefits or dangers of using drugs. We all know that drug use, like most behaviors, can carry consequences. This was a forum about prohibition and a comparison of its failure in the 1920's to its failure today.

Beck's guest for the discussion is Mexico's former deputy foreign minister, Andres Rozental. Rozental provides unarguable testimony and at times makes touching points concerning the devastation that prohibition has caused Mexico. Beck asks Rozental, "explain to me how using marijuana is NOT a victimless crime." Rozental answers beautifully, explaining that, really, the best way to make marijuana use a victimless crime is:
"legalize it, regulate it, make sure that the purity is what it should be, make sure that it pays taxes rather than fill the pockets of criminal gangs, and then be much more reasonable and rational about the way you deal with these things."
Throughout the segment both repeat over and over again the same exact argument that drug policy reformers have been screaming for years; Legalize marijuana! Not because drugs are good and not because drugs are bad - legalize marijuana because prohibition creates violence, prohibition creates and funds terrorists and organized crime. Prohibition is the problem and legalization is the solution.

We are at the "tipping point" friends. Even if our country continues to wage this failed war on drugs, no one can continue to justify it. Not even Glenn Beck.