Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gaming While High

And if you thought that silly alien ad was bad, get this. The ONDCP's newest angle on getting young people to not smoke pot is... it makes you suck at video games. And then, obviously, a poorly animated Zelda look alike will make you feel bad about yourself for losing level 3. He'll also suffer a broken arm and play chess instead. By himself.

This is just plain silly. This is what we're spending $60million a year on? I've seen Kung-Fu movies that are voiced over better than this piece of shit.

Just another offensive and likely counterproductive advertisement from the folks at Above the Influence. At least with Stoners in the Mist, you could actually play a game.

Let's compare that video with Safety First's Lets Talk About Meth and Other Drugs:

Remind me again. Which one had a budget of $60million dollars?

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Irina Alexander said...

That SafetyFirst ad's wonderful! Now let's get it screening during the next SuperBowl.