Friday, June 22, 2007

You know you're a student drug policy activist when...

What with SSDP being generally victorious (see: previous three posts) this past week, it is time for another triumphant episode of YKYaSDPAW! (That is one hell of an acronym.)

Previous episode: #1-10

You know you're a student drug policy activist when:

  • You can easily draw one or two degrees of separation between drug policy reform and any of the other causes you support: Environment. Gay rights. Women’s rights. Worker's rights. Minority rights. Students' rights!! Health care reform. Prison reform. Foreign policy. Religious values. Readysetgo.
  • Cops support legalizing drugs. You have asked them why.
  • If it ever occurs to you that you haven’t shouted “Bullshit!” at an inanimate object for a while and you’d rather like to, you just visit an anti-drug propaganda website or review the statements made by politicians attempting to be tough on drugs.
  • You have donated to SSDP.
  • Your facebook and myspace are cluttered with drug policy friends, links, events, etc.
  • Your encyclopedic recitation of drug policy information has been a buzz kill when you’re hanging out with your friends.
  • Mike Gray, author of Drug Crazy, has kissed you on the hand. (This item is also on the list entitled “You know you win at life when…” I am a proud and somewhat flabbergasted winner.) Also, you have read a book that features a nude photo of Daniel E. Williams on the cover.
  • You forward action alerts widely. It’s not obnoxious, it’s freedom fighting! It’ll only take 30 seconds of your time, and it makes a big difference!
  • You’ve probably taken at least a total of 60 minutes of your time just telling people things will only take 30 seconds of their time. Rest assured it makes a big difference.
  • Speaking of taking 30 seconds of your time, you've taken 30 seconds of your time to email your congressmen about repealing the aid elimination penalty.

Well, that wraps up today's episode. Tune in next time for... um... you know, more of the same, but slightly different. It'll be keen.


Irina said...

yayy- my purse is famous!

and you're gooood
reallly goood
toooo goood
it's like you've taken the last few months off just to stalk me and write blogs about my life...

Stacia Cosner said...

hahahaha I love it.. this is my life.