Monday, August 28, 2006

Senators to Drug Czar: "You don't deserve a paycheck"

The Senate Appropriations Committee slammed the Drug Czar and his staff for "lethargy" and lack of communication, and moved to cut their salaries in half last month.

From the committee's report of H.R. 5576, the 2007 Transportation, Treasury, Housing and Urban Development, the Judiciary, the District of Columbia and Independent Agencies Appropriations Act:
The Committee recommends an appropriation of $11,500,000 for ONDCP's salaries and expenses. This amount is $11,809,000 below the budget request and $15,139,000 below the fiscal year 2006 enacted level.

The Committee is extremely displeased with the performance of ONDCP staff regarding their communication with the Committee and their responsiveness to congressional inquiries. ONDCP's lethargy and the inadequate information provided severely impacts the ability of the Committee to conduct its oversight and make budgetary decisions in a timely manner. This kind of unresponsiveness on the part of ONDCP results in an unnecessary waste of time and energy; numerous follow up communications are required in almost every instance. The Committee is particularly concerned that ONDCP has attempted to prevent the Committee from meeting with the directors of ONDCP programs. Therefore the Committee has reduced the salaries and expenses budget to more closely reflect actual performance.
Lethargy, eh? Sounds like ONDCP staffers have been smoking some of the evil marijuana they claim causes laziness and amotivation... ZING!

Link (search for "office of national drug control policy")


800 pound gorilla said...

OMG, sounds a lot like the latest OReilly oped about the war: wonderful idea! Needs better execution. People abuse drugs because they are socially isolated. To correct this problem you reconnect them to a positive social system. Throwing them in jail is like fighting a petroleum fire with water; any firefighter can tell you how effective that is! Just think of how many casualties we would have had in the 911 crashes if the heroic firefighters were as stupid as the Nixon regime.

Creigh Yarbrough [] said...

As a former contractor with CTAC / ONDCP, I affirm the lack of accountability within this and other programs. Lack of management oversight, grantee performance measurements, and intra-ONDCP recognition of ongoing distrust of its external mission --not to mention glaring ineptitude and overcharges by its advertising agency (Ogilvy?)--have made ONDCP a long-standing joke government-wide--a joke that began with the bombastic reign of Gen. Barry McCaffery and continues to this day, apparently. Wanna protest this staggering waste of your tax dollars? Meet me outside 750 17th St., NW (ONDCP's HQ). Ignore the bunbling guard in the lobby. Nearby amenities: McDonald's, "The Oval Room," The White House.