Thursday, August 31, 2006

Drug warriors agree their ads are laughable

Jacob Sullum at Reason's Hit & Run spots a press release from the Partnership for a Drug-Free America actually touting the fact that their famous "this is your brain on drugs" ad has been widely spoofed since it first aired in 1987.
The “Fried Egg” TV message was so popular that it was satirized and spoofed on T-shirts, records labels, posters, and even on Saturday Night Live.
Note to PDFA: when everyone finds your ad about a serious issue like teen drug abuse to be nothing more than laughable, you've failed.

Drug warriors: Making reformers' jobs easy since (at least) 1987.


Jonathan Perri said...

"This is your brain." I've seen a lot of weird shit on drugs. I have never ever ever ever EVER looked at a fucking egg and thought it was a brain."

-The late Bill Hicks.

800 pound gorilla said...

As ridiculous and out of touch with reality as many stereotypes are they hold sway when repeatedly stated in pop culture. Take the negative male stereotypes for example. Men are twice as likely to ask for directions and less than half as likely to become sexually dysfunctional as women - yet we are repeatedly deluged with alternative stereotypes.
Even with repeated studies showing chronic marijuana users with higher brain function scores will never refute the stupid stoner who is totally out of touch with reality stereotype. It's not just in ads but in movies, sitcoms and books. And any movies, sitcoms, or books that portray otherwise are "not open for discussion" and will NOT get the backing to reach the mainstream public.

Jimi Devine said...

Almost as good as the Pee Wee Herman anti crack campaign