Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Take Action in California Today!

Americans for Safe Access - Advancing Legal Medical Marijuana Therapeutics and Research

An Americans for Safe Access sponsored resolution that calls on Congress and the President to end federal interference in state medical cannabis laws is now being heard in the State Assembly. SJR 14, introduced by Senator Mark Leno (D-SF) and passed by the State Senate last year, calls for the development of a comprehensive national policy to ensure safe and legal access.  We need you to call TODAY to help move this resolution out of the Assembly Committee on Health (hearing today).

SJR 14 seeks to give guidance to the Administration, by calling for an end to federal interference and intimidation, fair trials for medical cannabis defendants in federal court, and advanced clinical trials into the medical benefits of cannabis. The resolution is part of ASA's national strategy to bring safe access to every American.

Please see below for instructions on how to call your Assembly person. Your call is needed now to bring this resolution out of committee and to the floor of the Assembly for final passage!

How to Call and Locate Your California Assembly representative:
If your assembly member sits on the Assembly Committee on Health it is especially urgent that you call today. See list below, or Committee on Health list. If not, call the committee chair William W. Monning  (916) 319-2027 or assemblymember.Monning@assembly.ca.gov

To find out who your Assembly Member is, type in your zip code. Tell them:

"Hello. I am a medical cannabis patient/supporter in District ___, and I am calling to urge Assemblymember ___________ to vote FOR SJR14. California must tell the Federal government that the formation of a comprehensive national policy to guarantee safe access to every American patient is critically needed!"

California State Assembly Committee on Health Member List
William W. Monning - Chair     Dem-27    (916) 319-2027   
Nathan Fletcher - Vice Chair     Rep-75    (916) 319-2075   

Tom Ammiano     Dem-13    (916) 319-2013   
Wilmer Amina Carter     Dem-62    (916) 319-2062   

Connie Conway     Rep-34    (916) 319-2034   

Hector De La Torre     Dem-50    (916) 319-2050   

Kevin de Leon     Dem-45    (916) 319-2045   

Mike Eng     Dem-49    (916) 319-2049   

Ted Gaines     Rep-4    (916) 319-2004   

Mary Hayashi     Dem-18    (916) 319-2018   

Edward P. Hernandez     Dem-57    (916) 319-2057   

Dave Jones     Dem-9    (916) 319-2009   

Bonnie Lowenthal     Dem-54    (916) 319-2054   
Pedro Nava     Dem-35    (916) 319-2035   

V. Manuel PĂ©rez     Dem-80    (916) 319-2080  
Mary Salas     Dem-79    (916) 319-2079   

Cameron Smyth     Rep-38    (916) 319-2038   

Audra Strickland     Rep-37    (916) 319-2037

Get more information about SJR 14

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