Monday, July 16, 2007

You know what's awesome?

I'll tell you what's awesome. What's awesome is pulling into the parking lot of your town police department, accidentally planting your drug policy bumper stickers in front of the surveillance camera, walking in to report a destroyed mailbox (lame), and handing the officer an invitation to the 2007 International Drug Policy Reform Conference. Oh, oh, and the best part is having him look at you through that tinted window trying to figure out if you're trying to swindle him. No sir. Not swindling. Look me in the eye, no swindling here.

It would probably be more effective if I were myself a police officer, but I did give a brief explanation and I did see him read the quote on the back of the postcard: "Of the hundreds of conferences I've attended in my career, this was the best." -Norm Stamper, former Seattle police cheif, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. And he did say thanks.

Seems unlikely that a little postcard will change the guy's mind about drug policy, especially since it's relatively early in his career, but I've been carrying those damn invitations around since they gave 'em to me at the SSDP National Office. So now I'm being the Johnny Appleseed of drug policy reform. Or the Jehovah's Witness, but with less doors slamming in my face.

So, what would you do with a pile of colorful, 5 1/2 x 8" invitations?

P.S. The summer '07 edition of SSDP's newsletter is out, didya read it?

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