Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My new favorite quote

D.A.R.E. Executive Director Glenn Levant once quipped, "Scientists will tell you bumblebees can't fly, but we know they can."

Haha! I can just imagine the scene in which that was quipped:

Levant: (sitting at cluttered desk, poring over volumes of researchers' findings) What the hell! Freakin' scientists! For the last time, everyone KNOWS that bumblebees can fly! Just say NO damnit!

Anyway, my new favorite quote comes from this article that Irina sent me. It's a lengthy (I like to call it "thorough"), but good essay about drug education in elementary school. It also provides a nice hilarious recap of many classic anti-drug ads (have you done the action alert yet? Look to the right, we're lighting money on fire, people).

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