Saturday, October 14, 2006


Drug Sense Weekly's letter of the week goes right along with Kris' debate about home drug testing on Fox News. The letter is by Charley Jensen and heres some of what he has to say about Calvina Fay and school drug testing in Florida:

Calvina Fay is the executive director of Drug Free America Foundation and operated a company that sold test kits to businesses and agencies. Anything she says has to be weighed against the potential economic conflict of interest she represents.

Are the citizens of Hernando County aware of Fay's economic interest in selling drug detection kits to the county?

Finally, it is true that more than half of all graduating seniors have experimented to some degree with some form of illegal substances, usually marijuana, and we cannot as a society afford to make them all into criminals with records and forced vacations in gray-bar hotels, where they become marked for life and unable to become fully functioning members of society.

What Fay and Tellone propose is foolish, counterproductive and, most important, contrary to what I like to think of as "The American Way".

Hmmm. That last line sounds like something Ben Franklin would have said.

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800 pound gorilla said...

The problem with drugs has NOTHING to do with drugs and EVERYTHING to do with personal abuse. Yet our schools make no effort to teach kids how to recognize and just say no to personal abuse. The reason why is that they would quickly recognize the drug war as an abusive policy. Any lessons about personal abuse would necessarily highlight the false associations, false choices, and false premises that surround personal abuse. Isn't that how you describe the drug war?

The kind of parent who wants to drug test their kids is, of course, the parent who is more prone to abusive, controlling behaviors. Their children are more likely to become abusive themselves and they will experience drug-related problems later in life - unless they figure out their parents' tactics on their own [the schools won't help] and just say no to their lessons. And of course, drug testing relies on abusive policies promoted by drug war scam artists.