Tuesday, September 19, 2006

School search bill in the news

There's still time (but not much) to take action - Congress votes today!

Bloomberg Newswire covered SSDP's opposition to the school search bill.
"We should not have another federal mandate passed on to local school districts for them to comply with,'' said Mary Kusler, assistant director for government relations at the American Association of School Administrators, one of the groups opposing the measure. She said the bill seems to be the result of lawmakers seeking "a good election-year issue."


The measure could face a vote in the full House as early as tomorrow, following a decision by Republican leaders to bypass the usual process of a committee vote. That move was designed to help Davis in a close re-election fight against Ken Lucas, said Kusler and Tom Angell, campaigns director at Students for Sensible Drug Policy, a Washington-based advocacy group.
Please contact Congress RIGHT NOW to help us stop this atrocious bill from becoming law. We can't do it without your help!

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800 pound gorilla said...

You can be guaranteed that some police will make gratuitous searches of attractive members of the opposite sex - like they did when the 911 scare took off the two months after the skyjackings. We have had two police suspended for sexual misconduct in nearby Eugene.

The opportunities in high schools with teenagers will be irresistible - since most vulnerable teenagers don't have parental support to counteract unwanted attention. Police may lack social skills for negotiation with abusive partners and handling drunks but they can detect vulnerable people from dysfunctional social settings very well.

Police in my community are notorious for harassing teenagers. Gives them opportunities to show off their power and justify their pitiful existence. I'm not too sure about the hormonal levels of the younger ones - but we have them at both genders so they would be equal opportunity harassers - if they dared to do that in full view of my two children [who do have full parental support].

My congressperson is a knee jerk NO on this issue. It's barely worth the trouble to notify since this issue has obvious problems.