Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Something's rotten in the State of South Carolina

America should send its drug users overseas to be imprisoned in foreign countries.

Well, that's what Representative G. Ralph Davenport, Jr., of Boiling Springs, SC thinks. You'll recall that he's the same guy who wants to use the threat of arrest to prevent people from using dildos.
Section 24-3-20(A) of the 1976 Code, as last amended by Act 406 of 1996, is further amended by adding at the end:

"Notwithstanding another provision of law, the department may enter into agreements with foreign countries for the confinement of inmates convicted of drug related offenses or offenses related to the sexual abuse of children."

I'm not sure if it's more offensive that Rep. Davenport wants to pay foreign governments with histories of human rights abuses to take America's drug users and do whatever they want to them, or that he equates drug users with child molesters. And a la the HEA Aid Elimination Penalty, he wants to let murderers and other rapists off the hook while punishing drug users as much as he can.

One wonders what the good people of South Carolina's 37th House district think of their representative's work in the capital lately.

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Anonymous said...

Presumably he's talking about Rush Limbaugh.

800 pound gorilla said...

Most people get their notions about "druggies" from the small screen. Drug dealers are invariably either people of color and low morals or "white trash" with low morals. Drug problems are not considered medical in nature but as a "defect of character". It's always been this way with comedians making fun of drunks for centuries.
Sending "these people" off to hardship for penance for their "character defects" resonates with most of the population exposed to pop culture mythology about drug problems. Ironically, the most sympathetic characters are children and "protecting our children" seems to be the mantra for galvanizing support for taxpayer funded retaliation against "those people".
I'm sorry, but drug use is not only countenanced in the mainstream it is thoroughly encouraged. Listen to your nightly news about all the new "drug therapies" to prevent health problems. Somehow, those in authority have managed to both promote rampant drug use and demonize the people who self medicate without the supervision of the "gatekeepers" for drugs: the doctors and insurance companies - people who contribute boatloads of dollars to political campaigns. All one has to do is add up the numbers and you can see that "this does not compute" in any way, manner or form.
It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that drug prohibition is inherently contradictory.

Anonymous said...

Wandered here from BoingBoing.

Is there any doubt that the US is sinking into a fascist government? At an unprecedented rate as well.

I always assumed the average American was a dolt, but after 9/11 and the free reign it signaled for El Presidente to go wholesale fascist, the apathy of American voters combined with the psychotic, fundie Jesus freaks has taken its toll on my ability to have a shred of hope for the US.

Thankfully, my company has been opening offices in saner countries, and I've begun the transfer process. It's either Canada, Holland, or England( that one is up in the air too, given they toady to the US ).

It's sad really. My wife and I are outta here though.

playmisty4me said...

Davenport is from South Carolina? How did this redneck fascist bigot dildohead manage to get out of Alabama? Jesus, where does the Republican Party find these people? (Answer - damned near every precinct committee meeting)