Wednesday, March 15, 2006

ONDCP Drug Testing Summit

The Drug Czar says that drug testing is about protecting freedom from addiction to poisons.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sir:

Logically, if a person is looking to smoke marijuana, which is by the government's own admission per the MEDICAL REPORTS THAT THEY HAVE PAID FOR IN 1974 and 1995 at the very least relatively safe, shouldn't schools and work places look at drug testing individuals for the usage of marijuana as not cost effective. Especially, Mr. Drug Czar, when we know, when one is not utilizing marijuana on the job or in school, that it does not impede our ability to function as a productive member of society?

With that said, what about prescription drugs that are so readily prescribed by doctors to patients, such as pain medications? So it is okay to have an over-medicated society, driving machinery, making important work and life decisions, so long as they are prescribed. I bring this up because, if these "poisons" show up on one's drug screening and are prescribed, that is okay, even if, they was abuse? Yet that marijuana smoker who uses same in the privacy of his or her own home, is being penalized for no good reason, just to line the government and the county and state governments pockets?

As for the "harder drugs", yes, they are poisons, however, once same show up on one's screening, (which to address that, should only be utilized in extreme cases where same is warranted), that person should be sent for rehabilitation, not, terminated from their job or expelled from school as that would only create further problems.

To that end, using all the reverse psychology you want, drug testing is still taking away from one's personal freedom. It is high time that the government at all levels focus on real crime and let rehabilitation through the medical profession focus on the drug problem in America.