Wednesday, March 15, 2006

ONDCP Drug Testing Summit

Drug testing profiteer Robert DuPont's wife first says "that's not true" to allegations that her husband sells drug testing kits for a living. She changes her tune to "that's not entirely true" after I load up the website for her husband's company, Bensinger, DuPont, and Associates.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why you are so paranoid about these so-called "drug testing profiteers".

I mean, after all, they would have NO reason to lie about the effectiveness of drug testing, right?? These honest buisness-men and -women are merely looking out for the freedom and safety of our youngsters, and profit just happens to be an additional benefit. Why would they invest in a product that doesn't work? It would be bad for business...

Well, unless of course, if they were able to convince people (with the help of the Drug Czar) that drug testing does indeed work. But that would never fly, would it?

Would it??


Anonymous said...

One of my primary concerns about drug testing is that THEY ARE NOT ACCURATE!

Tom-- you should start asking reporters to take drug tests themselves. I bet that if you ask 10 reporters to take drug tests, at least 1 of them would come up with a false positive.

A false positive drug test can ruin a student's life!

SteveHeath said...

Great work, Tom. Thanks for your persistence and preparation.


Scott Morgan said...

I honestly wasn't the anonymous person who recommended encouraging reporters to drug test themselves. But as you know, I've suggested doing exactly that.

Unless they're on a tight deadline they'll try it. Hands-on journalism is sexy. If a reporter gets a false positive, that would be huge. More likely they will merely end up observing how difficult it is to even read those things, demonstrating that drug tests are a rather blunt instrument easily misread by an anxious parent eager to confirm prior suspicions.