Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Michigan schools reject drug testing

In a unanimous vote, the Hale Area Schools Board of Education in Michigan just said "no" to random student drug testing, despite the fact that the Drug Czar sent them money to implement such a program.
St. Joseph Health System was awarded a $525,000 three-year grant to implement the new program for students in grades nine through 12 in the four county high schools.

While all four superintendents signed a letter of agreement allowing the health system to apply for the federal grant from the U.S. Department of Education, it required board approval and possibly policy changes to implement the program within the school districts.
It's encouraging to know that in this cash-strapped time, educators still have the good sense to reject harmful and ineffective programs in spite of the federal government's monetary temptations.

I wonder what will happen to the money the school district was awarded. Knowing the Drug Czar, he'll probably spend it sending his cronies around the country to push drug testing onto even more schools.


M. Simon said...

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rose said...

Michigan stands alone in requiring its residents to provide a drug-free urine sample in order to continue receiving the state's assistance in achieving "family independence."Because abuse of alcohol and other drugs,often in conjunction with mental health problems,can interfere with employment,most states have created substance abuse treatment and counseling-and every state except Michigan has determined that these treatment programs will work better without coerced drug testing.
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