Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

As another year comes to a close and a new one begins, I wanted to take a brief moment to thank everyone who's ever been involved with SSDP, from its humble beginnings through today.

Because of you -- your hard work and dedication -- SSDP has become a leader on college campuses across the country changing the direction of the War on Drugs. Our mission statement says, "SSDP is committed to providing education on harms caused by the War on Drugs, working to involve youth in the political process, and promoting an open, honest, and rational discussion of alternative solutions to our nation's drug problems."

Everyday, we do just that.

As we begin 2006, on the heels of a partial reform to the HEA drug provision, SSDP looks forward to new campaigns and new beginnings. Changes to campus drug policies, improving drug education for young people everywhere and many other projects will keep today's SSDPers busy, while providing a new platform for the SSDPers of tomorrow to leap off from.

We look forward to regional conferences in New Paltz, NY and Columbia, MO and of course, to our 2006 SSDP National Conference next fall. As always, your National Staff are here to serve and support you and your chapter, in any way that we can.

May 2006 bring us all joy and happiness as we move closer to an end to this terrible tragedy known as the War on Drugs.

Dan Goldman
SSDP Director of Outreach and Alumni

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