Friday, April 29, 2011

Oklahoma Makes Hash Manufacturing a Felony Punishable by Life in Prison

You read that correctly. The Oklahoma legislature just passed a bill that would make manufacturing hash a felony punishable by life in prison.

the bill met little to no opposition and is now awaiting the signature of Governor Mary Falin:

The measure sailed through the Senate with little debate, passing on a vote of 44-2. The House also approved the measure by a large margin, passing it on a vote of 75-18. 
The bill, House Bill 1798, creates a new felony of converting marijuana into hash. A first conviction could garner a $50,000 fine and prison sentence of two years to life. And that's a mandatory minimum two years. Second or subsequent convictions would net doubled penalties.
Dan Riffe at the Marijuana Policy Project points out just how absurd this new law is:
Here are some other crimes and their maximum punishments under Oklahoma law:
  • Domestic abuse = 1 year
  • Drinking and driving with a child in the car = 4 years
  • Aggravated assault resulting in "great physical injury" = 5 years
  • Assault with intent to kill = 5 years
  • Kidnapping a child = 5 years
  • Second degree rape = 15 years
  • Sexual battery of a child = 20 years
If you're a citizen of Oklahoma, contact Gov. Falin today and tell her to veto this bad bill. 

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