Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sign the Letter to AG Holder: Stop the Raids

Despite the Department of Justice memo advising the DEA and federal prosecutors not to spend resources arresting medical marijuana patients and raiding medical marijuana providers in states that have passed legislation protecting these people, federal agents have recently shut down 26 medical cannabis dispensaries in Montana and California. 

Just Say Now, SSDP's partnership with Firedoglake has written a letter telling Attorney General Holder to enforce his memo and prohibit federal raids on medical marijuana dispensaries. We want you to sign on to the letter. 

As Attorney General, Holder has the ability to enforce his memo and end these raids. He should send a strong message that federal law enforcement resources should not be abused and wasted to override state's rights. 


Ramon said...

Big Pharma has the DoJ bought off. Big Pharma is trying to keep the lid on the revelation that concentrated THC (hemp oil) derived from the resin (coating) of buds, leaves, and stems (not seeds), when ingested daily in tiny amounts for 90 days, cures cancer and other maladies. To keep marijuana out of the hands of people who learn the process of distilling the resin ( http://phoenixtears.ca/ ), the DoJ has allowed the resumption of raids by the DEA.

Ramon is an idiot said...

People like Ramon are the ones holding back MMJ reform. If cannabis cured cancer in 90 days, laws wouldn't keep people from pursuing this method of treatment. We'd be reading about it all over the place. There are definitely medical benefits to cannabis, and research has been stifled by lawmakers, but it doesn't help the cause by making ludicrous statements like "THC...cures cancer." Take your DoJ and Big Pharma conspiracy theories elsewhere. You have zero credibility.