Friday, February 04, 2011

LEAP Debates Medical Marijuana on USAToday

After getting President Obama to answer a tough question on the legalization of drugs, McKenzie Allen of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition debates Coalition for a Drug Free California's founder, Dr. Paul Chabot on the issue of medical marijuana in California.

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Patrick Binder said...

Not the best debate. However, I can't believe anyone would equate drinking tequila and smoking a cigarette for stress to marijuana. I don't use medical marijuana but I think the moral judgment our country has made for the last 70 years is un-American. I don't care that you served in the Military, I don't applaud it and it has no impact on your ability to reason here. You've been sober since you were 12, great for you, some people never drink or smoke, some people like to. The federal government has no right and the state government has no reason to interfere in peoples private lives. Regulate it so we can have our rightful access to it.