Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Polls close in 1 hour

While recent surveys have shown that Prop 19 trailing, the battle is far from over and no matter where you live in the country, it's easy to help get voters to the polls. Polls in California are closing in just about one hour.

SSDP chapter leaders are calling us to let us know that there is plenty of support for Prop 19 and students are definitely voting. San Jose State University chapter leader Mitchell Colbert left me this message earlier today:
Almost every student I talk too tells me they are going to vote for Prop 19 or that they have already voted for it today. Only 1 guy on a skateboard came by to yell "no on 19" at us and then he fell off his board.
But California isn't the only state to be watching. Important medical marijuana initiatives in Oregon, South Dakota and Arizona will also be decided today. SSDP chapters in each of these states have been working hard on each of these initiatives. You too call voters in any of these states and remind them to vote here.

You can track how Prop 19 and other marijuana reform initiatives are doing at the polls by visiting Just Say Now.