Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Boy with bloodshot eyes suspended on suspicion of smoking pot. Turns out his dad was dead.

Earlier this month on September 14, Kyler Robertson was suspended by the administration at Byron Nelson High School in Trophy Club, Texas. The administration thought his eyes were red from smoking pot. It turns out his dad had been stabbed to death that previous Sunday.

Kyler stopped by the main office to pick up a tardy slip as he returned to school on Tuesday to be with his friends. School employees accused him of smoking pot due to his red and watery eyes and he was suspended for three days. Kyler was not given a test for drug use. Instead, “when administrators suspect a student is under the influence, a school nurse will observe symptoms like their behavior, odor and their eyes,” said District spokeswoman Lesley Weaver. Testing is left to the parents.

After his mother had him tested and the results came back negative, Kyler was permitted to return to school. Kyler’s mother is appealing the district to remove the suspension from his permanent record.

Go get ‘em, administrators. It seems that reefer madness is still very much alive at Byron Nelson High School. Stamp out the terrible scourge of reefer causing children to talk back to their parents, wear their pants low, and cause vehicular manslaughter. Be sure to get those with hay fever.


Anonymous said...


jewelrydoll said...

Way to go..let's add some more trauma to a young man who is already facing a terrible issue...yes yes act first ask questions later. Don't you know all youths are suspect no one could have a legitimate excuse for looking that way...with red eyes and all...of course!!!!!Where do these people come from?Makes you think they are only in teaching our kids for the money and the control fix...

Micheal Blum said...

that boys mother should sue the school district,and the so called nurse.And the teachers now a days are just in it for the money,there is no teaching going on.No child left behind my ass.There is zero tolerance in the schools or should I say students but not in the teachers.

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