Friday, August 06, 2010

Man Arrested for Providing Drunk People Free Rides

In an effort to help keep drunk drivers off the roads, Jonathan Schoenakase of Quincy, Illinois decided that he would start giving would-be drunk drivers rides home, free of charge.

His service operates only on donations and when things started to pick up, he decides to bring on another car and a bus. But taxi companies, annoyed that Schoenakase was stealing their drunken customers (in reality, he was preventing people who don't take taxis from getting behind the wheel) went to the city and demanded that all taxis must have a sign saying "for hire" in order to operate - making Schoenakase's business unable to operate legally since he only took donations.

He continued to pick people up and was arrested by a plain clothes police officer in a sting operation.
Jonathon Schoenakase, 1711 Melview Road, was arrested at 1:30 Saturday morning after he picked up a plain clothes Quincy Police officer from the Phoenix night club.

Lt. Jason Simmons says the sting was conducted following complaints about Schoenakase's continuing operations from "other licensed operators".
Safe ride programs, something SSDP promotes on college campuses, should be a no-brainer. Whether they're allowed to operate under a taxi license or some other regulation, a city government should be working with someone who is keeping drunk drivers off the road instead of arresting them. That's bad policy.


Anonymous said...

In Canada there is a service like this called Nez-Rouge (red nose) but it usually only operates during holidays. Taxi companies even sponsor it. Maybe that is the solution: get them on board.

Anonymous said...

Pay the man.

Bars should actually sponsor it. AFTER determining if the client is willing and able to pay for a cab, they culd then call this guy and give the patrons a $0.25 to close the non payment loophole.

goodbadkitty said...

Only in America.

Anonymous said...

this guy is doing a good thing. its bullshit that he is arrested for preventing drunk accidents. ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF WHY COPS HAVE SCREWED UP PRIORITIES. all they care about it their power trip

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