Monday, June 07, 2010

SSDP's New Executive Director: Aaron Houston

After an exhaustive three-month search, SSDP is thrilled to announce that Aaron Houston will be our next executive director.  Aaron has worked for Marijuana Policy Project for the past seven years, serving as their national field director and director of government relations. He led the way to numerous victories, including the Department of Justice's memo on medical marijuana last year.  His notoriety in DC can be measured by his many television appearances, including a universally coveted guest spot on The Colbert Report.

In addition to his work in drug policy, Aaron has experience in student organizing, serving as the executive director for the Colorado Student Association in Denver.  This week Aaron begins what we hope will be the longest ED tenure in SSDP history.

It's thanks to SSDP's explosive growth over the past years and its many local successes that a veteran like Aaron has decided to take the helm.  But despite our growth in numbers, our budget has remained relatively unchanged.

We can't take SSDP to the next level without your help.

Ensure SSDP's continued growth and efficacy and welcome Aaron to the team by making a donation online RIGHT NOW!

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Michael said...

Aaron tries so hard to keep his cool. I felt he was about to jump over the desk and beat the hell out of Colbert... haha.. Good job Aaron, and congratulations/welcome to SSDP.