Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Peppermint Police: Coming to a Middle School Near You

I sure am glad that I'm not a parent. America's elementary and middle schools are filled with horrifying dangers that terrify parents each morning as they send their children off to school. Gangs. Drugs. STD's. Peppermint oil.

That's right. A ten year old student was suspended from a New York school after she brought in peppermint oil and gave some drops to her fifth grade friends to flavor their water with. The school called the peppermint oil "an unregulated over-the-counter drug.”

Parents of other students in the school must be comforted that the swift suspension carried out by school officials will keep peppermint oil away from their children and send a strong message to the student body. After all, what better way to teach a 10 year old right from wrong than by kicking her out of school? For sharing peppermint oil...

I'm just glad it wasn't citrus folks. It starts with peppermint and before you know you it these kids are flavoring water with slices of lemons. Maybe some lime juice. And you know your kid has a problem when he's on the grapefruit. That stuff is bitter!

This incident is both an example of absurd zero tolerance drug policies and a growing effort to "police" children of all ages. School administrators enforce arbitrary policies with a heavy hand and much like law enforcement, they seem to never feel the need to apologize when they are clearly wrong. Watch this movie: The War on Kids


Michael Blunk said...

The stupidest thing to me, is that the school is basically telling the children that peppermint oil is just as bad as marijuana, heroin, cocaine, etc. Or in a child's eye: marijuana, heroin and cocaine are just as harmless as peppermint oil is.

All I know is that the schools my future children attend better watch out. I fully intend to make my feelings on these issues known at all times.

Aaron said...

It's a substance, isn't it? And people like it, don't they? Yes and yes. That's the definition of a drug. She's a drug pusher and should have gotten hard time in adult prison.

(Can you even tell if I'm joking?)

take me seriously said...

firm actions to show the other kids the dangers of drugs should have been taken. boot to throat.

Internet said...

This is so offensive that I dare say this is heresy. The offending parties should be put to work clearing minefields in the Balkans.

cristian said...

I must admit I laughed a little with the peppermint oil , although I have to say the idea of making a difference is brilliant, because people usually just wait for others to do something about they agree too.

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