Friday, November 06, 2009

Tim Lincecum Arrested on Marijuana Charges

Tim Lincecum, pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, was arrested this week for possession of marijuana and a pipe after being pulled over for speeding. He'll only have to pay a fine for paraphernalia possession and speeding however.

I like Tim Lincecum. I get the same warm and fuzzy feeling watching him pitch that I used to get watching Roger Clemens pitch for the Red Sox. At only 25 years old, Lincecum is one of the best pictchers in the NL and MLB. In 2008 alone he won the Cy Young Award, was named the MLB Starter of the Year, and led the MLB in strikeouts. Quite a year.

Good thing we have marijuana prohibition and government hysteria to stop our youth from turning out like Tim Lincecum and Michael Phelps!

SSDP's office is located literally across the street from AT&T Park. Maybe Tim can join us at SSDP's conference in March?


Greg Hansch said...

another Cy Young award! Tim Lincecum, another DARE Generationer disproving the lies of DARE

Anonymous said...

Who cares. Free Cannabis NOW.