Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mexico's Drug War General dead after a week.

As a result of failed policies, from American influences, the war on drugs only continues to destroy our neighbors to the south. After only one week in charge the man Mexico coined to battle the cartels Brig. Gen. Mauro Enrique Tello QuiƱones, has been brutally tortured and murdered along with two others.
"Tello, 63, along with his bodyguard and a driver, were kidnapped in downtown Cancun last Monday evening, taken to a hidden location, methodically tortured, then driven out to the jungle and shot in the head. Their bodies were found Tuesday in the cab of a pickup truck on the side of a highway leading out of town. An autopsy revealed that both the general’s arms and legs had been broken."[PoliGazette]

Sadly top Mexican officials plan to rely on the same strategies that have failed them so miserably. Since Predident Calderon started moving against the cartels 5,300 people have died in the violence, more then the entire US occupation of Iraq so far. The Mexican government has no way to curb the demands of the US market on it's own and will never take away the real profit motives that bank roll these ultra-violent organizations.

As long as Mexico continues down this path innocent people will continue to die in the violence needlessly created by their failed prohibitionist policies Xeroxed in Washington, DC.

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