Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ask the Drug Czar a Question!

True. Drug Czar John Walters will be replaced shortly. But lets not make these last two months any easier for him. Take just a few minutes to ask him a question or two about U.S. drug policy with this nifty form on the White House website. 

Some topics to ask him about: 
  • Crack/Powder Cocaine Sentencing Disparity
  • HEA Aid Elimination Penalty
  • Prohibition Related Violence in Mexico
  • Increasing Accessible/Affordable Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Mandatory Minimum Sentencing
  • Student Drug Testing
  • State Wide Good Samaritan Policies 
Of course there is plenty more to ask and you'll want to be specific. It will only take a few minutes and SSDP would love for you to post your questions to SSDP talk, facebook, and the comments section of the blog! Feel free to contact me to strategize about questions if you'd like!


Irina Alexander said...

Don't forget medical marijuana!

azali said...

Great! It looks pretty clever and sweet, i love it so much.


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