Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why Smoke One Blunt, When You Could Smoke At Least 5?

I'm in DC right now, gearing up for SSDP's 10th Annual International Conference, which I'm sure you already know all about. I'm actually burning the midnight oil with SSDP's eastern region outreach director Amber Langston. We can see Prince George's County from her house, a place where the county council just voted to do something very unlikely to achieve the goals the council hopes it will. I think it will do just the opposite.
The council voted 8 to 1 to ban the sale of single cigars, requiring stores to sell them in packages of at least five. The new law will also make it easier to charge someone possessing a cigar with a drug paraphernalia offense.
Yes, buying 5 cigars will cost more than buying one cigar, but its not likely to break the bank, even for a teenager. In fact, buying in bulk is a way to save money, not spend more. If a single blunt is $1.00, a package of 5 will probably not cost more than $5.00. And if you look at blunt wraps, which do not come filled with tobacco and often feature attractive individual packaging, you can bet that companies will be happy to create larger packages and advertise the new BONUS SIZE! It will no doubt increase production and possibly consumption (like most American consumers, if I buy the Family Size bag of chips, I'm likely to eat a larger serving per sitting than if I bought a single serving bag - but I'd be saving money by buying the bigger bag).

Maybe this isn't so silly after all. In these times of economic uncertainty, we need to teach youth about smart spending and how to get more blunts for their buck! Then we can arrest them for having a legal tobacco product, charge them with possession of drug paraphernalia, and deny them financial aid to college! Drug problem solved. Goodnight.


Ben Cousins said...

I agree. In times of economic uncertainty, especially if your primary source of income is curtailed for 12 months, you need to be smart with your spending and get more blunts for your buck!

Anonymous said...

very nice infromation... =)
you'v seem very expert to this topic.
keep posting ok!

thanks :-)
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Holden Efijy said...

I agree with Ben. In economically challenging times, we have to think innovaively!

Dan said...

HAHAHAHA what a stupid idea!!! That's like the laws about cigarettes being sold in packs of 20 or MORE only. Like you need MORE cigarettes.

But seriously... you'd better light that fat boy up if you see the cops coming. Maybe if you are smoking the cigar like it's meant to be done when they get to you they won't chunk you in jail for drug charges!

HAHAHA!!! This is ridiculous. I have NO PROBLEM buying a BOX of 'em at a time. I'm still going to do whatever the hell I want with them. Just try to stop me. Go ahead... inhibit my freedom a little more. I dare you. Just remember, death or WORSE lies down that path. You have been warned. ;)

"give me liberty or give me death"
"don't tread on me"

Dan said...

Ohh... sry, great article. I don't care that they want to modify the regulations of distribution of tobacco. That's fine. What makes all of this wrong is the 'extras' The drug charge that goes along with it is wrong. That's our children s education and more out the window just because they were hiding a cigar in their car from their parents. Yeh, it's going to be in their 'private' area away from their parents. MIPT's are sufficient enough for minors, and I don't think we should even be discussing an adults actions if they are not infringing anyone else's rights.

What's going to be illegal for me to have next. A car in my driveway just because it's sitting there and not being driven on the road? What about soda just because I'm using it to make a chemical reaction that 'could be harmful' by cleaning my car battery with it, and not just drinking it.

Ridiculous. Though I love seeing these articles. It's like slapping those stupid people right back in their faces.

Keep it up!


Anonymous said...
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