Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How a Giant Freakin' Cardboard Pot Leaf Changed My Life

Ahhh. Being back on campus reminds me of that time last year when I was walking along with my new friends and all of a sudden this giant freakin' cardboard pot leaf approached and invited me to the chapter meeting of NORML.

I was not hallucinating. See?

Not more than an hour later, one Anastacia Cosner in a cloud of chalkdust shouted over a stone wall at me and a man with curly hair ran and launched himself over said wall to hand me a flyer and breathlessly invite me to the SSDP meeting, which was being held jointly with NORML's. I'd never really been interested in drug policy reform or drugs, to be frank, but I was damn impressed by the energy of my recruiters. So I went to a meeting and the rest is history.

How's your recruitment campaign going? Got flyers? What if your school doesn't have an SSDP chapter to recruit for? Start one. Drug policy reform yields way more energy than any drug from caffeine to Adderall, and if you go running after people with a stack of flyers you might even burn calories...

The moral of this story is that student drug policy reformers are motivated, energetic, and positively impressive. So go be motivated, energetic, and positively impressive in whatever way you can. No pressure. It's fun.

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