Thursday, June 14, 2007

Well, it beats a mandatory minimum...

In Sacramento, a lady disciplined her glazed-over-red-eyed-asthmatic son in a creative way.

If only I'd seen this boy standing at the intersection holding a sign that reads "I'm Stupid. I smoke Weed. MARIJUANA." I would have tried to organize a massive crowd of diverse marijuana smokers to stand around the kid wearing shirts that say "I'm with Stupid." That way, the public could see how silly it is to crowd our prisons with such people.

Oh, I know. I'm full of great ideas. Ask me about the one where Colombian farmers wear Groucho glasses to convey their rage at U.S. aerial spraying and military involvement, and the one where heroin addicts sit on whoopie cushions to demand clean needle exchange clinics.

Hmm. Side note: I can't hear the word"stupid" without thinking of that Metalocalypse episode, "Go Forth and Die." Enjoy.

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