Thursday, April 12, 2007

Support Rhode Island Patients

Bills to support the rights of Rhode Island medical marijuana patients passed overwhelmingly in both Senate and House committees. The House Health, Education, and Welfare Committee voted to continue protecting patients in a 10-3 vote and the Senate Health and Human Services committee approved the legislation by 5-0.

Are you from the little Rhody? Then contact your legislators here and tell them to support keeping Rhode Island patients safer from arrest.

For more information about RI and The
Edward O. Hawkins and Thomas C. Slater Medical Marijuana Act check out RIPAC.

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JT Barrie said...

The DEA doesn't arrest anyone for simply using marijuana. It's just that the weasels who wrote the state law didn't provide a legal mechanism for getting the marijuana. They arrest those who go on the black market or anyone who grows the stuff for medical use. They are classified as "dealers".
Until someone directly challenges the Controlled Substances Act as the scam that it is this will always happen. The CSA has standards for users; it does NOT have them for the actual drugs. The CSA has no basis in science or even of legitimate statistical correlations. They have never done any studies of legally available drugs prior to making them illegal. Then they use the data from the black market version to justify the law. Even then they rely almost exclusively on testimonial evidence - since they really can't do studies without a standardized product. Let's face it: the Meth you get in Buffalo isn't the same as the Meth you get in Rochester. The same goes for the wide variance of marijuana on the streets.
Anyway it's the old Switch and Bait scam. You criminalize the drug and use the more potent and addictive street version to justify your law. Even my local police chief tells me: the Meth on the street is not the same as the Meth that was criminalized!