Thursday, April 19, 2007

HELPing Students is Easy!

The Senate HELP committee will be deciding whether to repeal the HEA Aid Elimination Penalty this week. Years of hard work by SSDP could finally result in opening the doors to higher education for students with drug convictions.

Since 1999, almost 200,000 student have been denied some form of aid. Think about the unknown number of students that didn't even bother to fill out the FAFSA because of Question 31. More than 335 National Organizations and 115 Student Governments support the repeal of this counterproductive law. This law acts as a deterrent to education, not to drugs.

Call your senator today! Just follow Jake's instructions. He's a pro at this stuff!

Don't forget to take an extra 30 seconds and send a follow up email right here!


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