Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Live Free or Die.

New Hampshire's HB 774 would legalize the use of medical marijuana for patients throughout the state.

Check out Live Free's new website for more information about HB 774 and how you can help.

For many New Hampshire residents, HB 774 gives literal meaning to the motto "Live Free or Die".

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800 pound gorilla said...

How is this measure going to protect patients from the rogue DEA? The DEA has already blatantly arrested patients in California, Oregon and other states who have given patients the legal right to use marijuana for medical reasons. The Supremes have upheld federal supremacy. Nobody has seriously challenged the drug war directly as the fraud that it is-but that's another story altogether.
Admittedly, I didn't read the whole proposal through but unless there are provisions for New Hampshire police or National Guard to conduct prison breaks for these federal prisoners, secede from the union or some other drastic measure you aren't going to impede a Drug Czar who desperately needs the illusion of legitimacy that medicinal use of marijuana threatens to expose. The Controlled Substances Act was deliberately written to give one unelected political appointee the right to put people in jail for using any drug that is not profitable to pharmaceuticals that is being deliberately misused by a significant segment of our population. In other words the CSA is all about targeting specific user classes. Anyone who reads the actual act can reach no other conclusion.
The states haven't been able to challenge the Drug Czar's power - even with the more "liberal" justices. When you deliberately devise authoritarian laws and empower those who enforce laws to target specific groups and those enforcers benefit with extra funding, those authoritarian laws will be enforced. And you are not going to get local law enforcement to deliberately do anything that threatens their justification for higher budgets - unless it is written into state law. And guess who the state police will side with in a dispute between a federal government that promotes higher budgets for themselves or a state government that upholds the rights of its own citizens.