Monday, March 05, 2007

Doctors oppose drug testing (big surprise!)

In a move that is sure to shock the nationwide community of drug testing supporters, who are either

  • completely lacking common sense or
  • financially interested in what has become a booming drug testing industry,
the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a report condemning drug testing of youngsters today.

It's baffling enough that people can continue to support the policy of prohibition despite its very obvious track record of failure and counter-productivity. Yet, I can understand how a person who isn't much interested in public policy or in drugs (both of which are significant areas of study for me and many others in the drug policy reform movement) could reach the conclusion that repealing drug prohibition would bring about harm to society, as demonstrably false as it may be.

However, I cannot fathom how people could take the very down-to-earth example of drug testing, which deals with issues like their own children and communities, and not see how dangerous this practice is.

I am aware of no serious medical groups who have sanctioned the practice. In fact, I have never heard a sensible argument for it whatsoever!

I took the liberty of emailing Steven Steiner of DAMMADD, who has previously made pro-testing comments, asking him what he thinks:

Hello Mr. Steiner. Long time no speak.

As a drug policy reformer and user of some drugs which are currently illegal, it goes without saying that I disagree with much of your ideas regarding our State and Nation's drug laws.

However, I am curious about how you might feel about the recent report from the American Academy of Pediatrics advising parents against student drug testing.

Even if you support the drug war generally, are you open to the possibility that testing young people for drugs can have disastrously counter-productive consequences?

Thanks and let's try to keep the lines of communication open.


kaptinemo said...

I've often pointed out that if you teach a child that rights are nothing but fictions, to be overturned on a hysterical whim or political fad, then you lay the foundation for those childen someday teaching their teachers the same lesson.

Such a future awaits those who believe that they will always remain in power when common sense suggests otherwise. And the lessons that they may learn could prove to be especially painful, should the economic situation in this country call for health care rationing. Those who insulted the dignity and trust of the next generation may someday face those very children...who may have very long memories, indeed.

Jonathan Perri said...

maybe steve will enlighten us on the blog...

800 pound gorilla said...

We had a discussion on drug testing kits. I maintain that a disproportionate number of abusive parents would buy these kits. Of course, if you relied on logic you would understand that children of abusive parents are most at risk. It's all about fostering emotional independence: the kind of mindset that protects against personal abuse. But when all your top business and political leaders are chronic abusers, you don't want THAT discussion.

Jimi Devine said...
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Jimi Devine said...

I doubt the school boards who the ONDCP is trying to pump full of Student testing funds will here about this.