Monday, January 08, 2007

Judge orders SUNY Administration to reinstate student leaders

I have been posting to this blog occasionally to update our readers on the situation at SUNY New Paltz, where three elected student leaders who took radical (sensible?) positions on drug policy were suspended on trumped up charges.

Federal Judge Lawrence Kahn has now ordered the SUNY Administration to reinstate us! Although the ruling was not everything we had hoped for, it will send a clear message to Administrators everywhere not to try any funny stuff.

I have blogged about this situation on my own blog, This is Your Brain on New Paltz, as well:

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800 pound gorilla said...

I will be doing something radical. I have T shirts being made stating: Member Drug War Truth Squad
on the front with
I Stand Up
When Police Lackeys
Lie About Drugs
I'm going to be running around town and showing up at meth assemblies and meth awareness meetings wearing my shirt. I fully expect to be hassled by local police - even though they should know better. I will be far harder to ignore and my message is reasonable. All I want from speakers at these assemblies is to acknowledge that we have never even bothered to conduct scientific studies before criminalization of any drug: we don't know how much of these problems involve the drugs and how much involve the law. When they parade ex users who blame the drugs for their crimes I will also stand up [or stay standing with my arms raised to signify a blatant lie].