Monday, November 27, 2006

SSDP beats Drug Czar in Florida

The St. Petersburg Times reports that a school board in Inverness, Florida has rejected federal money from the Drug Czar for student drug testing, with some local parents saying the practice is "intrusive and a waste of taxpayers' dollars."

While I can't be sure that SSDP played a major role in the school board's decision, it does come just a month after I was quoted in an article by the same reporter about the school district considering taking the money.
A federally funded 2003 study by the University of Michigan found that student drug use did not decrease in schools where students were being randomly tested.

In fact, drug testing may have the opposite effect, according to a national grass roots organization in Washington, D.C., called Students for Sensible Drug Policy.

"We think it makes existing drug problems worse," said Tom Angell, the group's campaign director. "Requiring students to submit a urine sample definitely deters them from participating in extracurricular activities, which are supposed to help keep them away from drugs."
It's definitely a huge victory any time educators reject the Drug Czar and his harmful anti-youth policies, but we cannot stop fighting for the thousands of students around the country who still have to submit urine samples as a condition of participating in afterschool activities.

Learn more about student drug testing on SSDP's website.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I gotta say that what you guys are doing is a great thing. What this country has done is waged a war on it's students. We students are the future of America. We're not criminals if we smoke a little bit of marijuana. Those who say that it is a harmful thing is obviously speaking out of ignorance. Prohibition makes criminals out of people who are hurting no one.

800 pound gorilla said...

I lived in Texas where they have all those "tough on crime" style laws. I visited there recently and recalled how - even when I was growing up there - most athletic facilities were locked up when school was not in session. It seems that the only access to athletic fields and equipment go through supervised athletic competition and - as I state in my book - competition is the leading source of the injuries that derail fitness regimens.

A lifelong fitness regimen is the surest protection against long-term drug dependencies eliminating or minimizing dependencies for cardiorespiratory problems, lung problems, diabetes, and other problems related to sedentary lifestyles. And yes, when you are committed to fitness, any social use of drugs detracts from a fitness lifestyle. Fitness fanatics will use arbitrarily banned or stigmatized drugs - but it will not take over their lives. As a revered Islamic prophet is reputed to have stated "seek not to drive out the bad, but to fill one's life with so much good that there is no room for the bad". Of course, they crucified this prophet. Go figger.