Saturday, August 26, 2006

Czar's Reefer Madness.

Check out this great op-ed in the NY Times by John Tierny (MAPINC) about the Bush Administration's pointless obsession with marijuana and how the Netherlands actually manages to have less drug users and focus on real crime. Here are some snips from the letter:
The Dutch generally use drugs less than Americans do, according to national surveys in both countries ( and these surveys might understate Americans' drug usage, since respondents are less likely to admit illegal behavior ). More Americans than Dutch reported having tried marijuana, cocaine and heroin. Among teenagers who'd tried marijuana, Americans were more likely to be regular users.

"Drug policy is irrelevant," says Cohen, the former director of the Center for Drug Research at the University of Amsterdam. It's quite logical, he says, to theorize that outlawing drugs would have an impact, but experience shows otherwise, both in America and in some European countries with stricter laws than the Netherlands but no less drug use.

"Prohibition does not reduce drug use, but it does have other impacts," [Cohen] says. "It takes up an enormous amount of police time and generates large possibilities for criminal income."

I think John Walters is having a bad week.

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800 pound gorilla said...

Nothing new here. Tierney has already made his points. However, I have an interesting observation:

During my research into prohibition I found references to the "scourge of war related morphine addiction" following the Civil War. Of course, this was before the diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress - a problem that is severely undertreated even today after knowing better.

Many psychologically wounded vets chose to self-medicate using legally available morphine instead of "getting on with their lives". Instead of offering emotional support networks and all those "touchy feely" types of things that might actually help ease the transition to civilian life, those in authority who had boondoggles of their own to fund blamed the problem on "the highly addictive nature of morphine" - instead of dealing with a real drug-related problem: that wounded people needed help to recover from the effects of intense brutal warfare against fellow citizens of this country and those in authority preferred using taxpayer resources elsewhere.

Of course, if you read the news carefully you'll realize that today's legisliars haven't changed much in the past 150 years. They are still underfunding treatment for our vets. If we diverted too much money from this illegal war, it would "embolden the enemies of this country".

Since I am critical of this neglect of our troops overseas - and here in this country - I must be a big Osama Bin Laden. I disguise it well - calling him a charlatan, blowhard, and a scam artist in the same league as our top legisliar scam artists.

The Netherlands is having some problems with attraction of sellers of other illegal drugs operating near the marijuana trade. I'm sure legisliars will have a field day with this. The first rule of business success is location, location, location! And being near receptive customers helps sales of crack, black tar heroin and other concoctions catered to the 2-5% of recreational users prone to abuse and addiction.