Monday, July 10, 2006

Framingham High School Policy Allows Seizure and Search of Cell Phones.

Students at Framingham High School were fuming over a new school policy that allows administrators to seize cell phones and search their contents. The policy, administrators say, is to improve security and stop the sale of drugs and stolen goods, but students said that the edict is an invasion of privacy. The rule complies with federal law, which says a school can conduct searches when there is "reasonable suspicion" that a student has contraband.
Just another reason to create animosity between students and faculty, or youth and adults. Even if this new policy is enforced to extremes there's not too much that would come about of searching cell phones. It is certainly not going to bring an end to drug use at the school. And if a student is being searched under "reasonable suspicion" for possession of contraband, how is looking through the contact list of a cell phone going to find it?

We reserve the right to look through the cell phone," Principal Michael Welch said. "It would be no different than if a student were to have a notebook. We ha’ve had instances of graffiti. We ha’ve looked through a notebook and found identical instances of graffiti."
I would say its quite different Principal Welch. You just want to look through the contact lists and play Columbo with other administrators. Better yet, maybe its the picture galleries from camera phones that your interested in. Find a picture of a student smoking marijuana on a cell phone and suspend him/her from school or extra-curricular activities. You could probably suspend students that are just in the background of the picture as well. The same would probably be true about pictures considered to be of sexual nature.

Stop alienating students and treat them as your equals. It is as if none of these teachers might have some contraband in their homes or cars, or maybe even in their pocket at school. Shouldn't the policy apply to them as well?

In other Framingham news from e
arlier this week, shockingly high bacteria counts from animal feces in Learned Pond have dropped far enough to reopen the beach, according to the Board of Health. Testing showed E.coli bacteria at 2,800 parts per million -- nearly 12 times the acceptable maximum limit for safe swimming....

Maybe it's from all the bullshit coming out of Framingham High School...


800 pound gorilla said...

They're just desensitizing a new generation to loss of freedom. This new generation of voters - like the new generation of movie viewers desensitized to blood and gore in horror flicks - will not react so stubbornly to governmental incursions into their adult lives. The irony could be that the majority of rebellious thought will come from old farts like myself.

Anonymous said...

Don't Let framingham become a "police state" or it will !

Anonymous said...

Look, this country is getting more and more fascist. We hear that they want more and more rights to take away our rights and privacy, and all they do is cut deals with companies like ATT where in they sell our information and use it for profit.
This administration has allowed more dangerous policies to pass into law, giving corporations that right to do whatever they want with our privacy, for the sake of a buck. they take away our rights in the name of trying to find child pornographers, and terrorists, and yet neither is really busted on any grand scale. The only purpose of trying to take away the rights of the US citizens is to gain information that can later be sold for profit.
There is no need to sue all these kids for downloading music and using pot.
the real crime is how the government is using tax payer dollars to reassign them into govt contracts for a few corporations for this war.
This war is not about winning, it is about moving money out of the govt and into the hands of the few contracted companies like Hallibuton.

Anonymous said...

This story is false. The principal said he was considering asking the school committee to change it's policy to allow the search. He never asked and it never happened. The reporter blew the story all out of proportion and everyone bought it.