Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Call Congress right now for medical marijuana patients

Last week I told you about the important medical marijuana amendment that Congress is getting ready to vote on. Well, the time is NOW! The House will vote this Wednesday, June 28, on whether or not the DEA should be able to spend money arresting seriously ill patients in states that have made medical marijuana legal.

We need you to call your member of Congress RIGHT NOW and urge them to support this sensible and compassionate amendment.

Here are the instructions and phone script that the Marijuana Policy Project put out:

"It's easy: Just call the Capitol switchboard operator at (202) 224-3121. Give the operator your zip code and ask to be connected to your U.S. House member; you don't even need to know your U.S. representative's name to do this.

When the receptionist for the congressperson — not the Capitol switchboard operator — answers, say something like: "Hi, this is [name]. I live in [city], and I'm calling to ask that my representative vote for Congressman Maurice Hinchey's medical marijuana amendment to the Justice Department's spending bill, which I understand will be considered on the House floor in a few days. The amendment would prohibit the Justice Department from spending taxpayer money to arrest medical marijuana patients in the 11 states where medical marijuana is legal."

Please call now: (202) 224-3121"

If you don't call, who will?

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