Sunday, May 28, 2006

SSDP at summer festivals - Will you be there?

I hope you are all having a great summer so far. For many of us, the beginning of summer is not only exciting because of beach days and flip-flops, but also because it's an opportunity to combine two of our favorite things: music & activism.


There are a number of fun festivals happening around the country this summer, and these present an excellent opportunity for SSDPers to spread the word about our organization, while also having a great time listening to good music. I've listed some of the major festivals at the bottom of this post, so if you see one that is in your area and you think you might want to go, contact me and I can get SSDP materials out to you. By volunteering just a few hours of your time at a festival, you could help SSDP reach out to many people who could potentially start chapters on their campuses or donate to SSDP.

By far, the largest summer festival is Bonnaroo, which is taking place on the weekend of June 15-18 in Manchester, TN. I will be heading down to Bonnaroo for my third year, and will be setting up an SSDP booth close to the main stage area. At the booth, we will be distributing materials, collecting e-mail addresses, selling merchandise, and encouraging students to start chapters. The area behind the booth will function as a "base camp" for any SSDPers who are at the festival. It will be a place where we can hang out and get to know eachother between sets, while helping to staff the table.

If you are planning on attending Bonnaroo, contact me so that we can make plans to meet up in Tennessee. If you not sure if you are going yet, take it from me, it's well worth the pricey ticket. Go to Bonnaroo's website and check out the line-up. There's literally something for everyone.


WAKARUSA: June 8-11 Lawrence, KS $119.00
BONNAROO: June 16-18 Manchester, TN $184.50
HIGH SIERRA: June 29 - July 3 Quincy, CA $145.00
10,000 LAKES: July 19-22 Detroit Lakes, MN $120.00
LOLLAPALOOZA: August 4-6 Chicago, IL
BURNING MAN: August 28 - Sept 4 Black Rock Desert, NV $250
AUSTIN CITY LIMITS: September 15-17 Austin, TX

For smaller, local festivals happening around your area, go to JamBase.

As Neil Young says, "Keep on rockin' in the free world!"

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