Monday, May 22, 2006

New blog on drugs and drug policy

Luke Brown just gave me a heads up about his new blog: Rehabology

It looks pretty interesting. In Luke's own words:
What we are attempting, in our own small way, is to not only tackle the big headline stories about drugs but also try and focus on the faces behind the stereotypes and the people who don’t make the front pages. In addition we would like to explore the connections between those who produce and consume drugs, legal or illegal, as well as those who campaign for or against their use.
Check it out.

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800 pound gorilla said...

What debate on drug policy?? There currenty isn't any debate and there never will be a debate for one simple reason: those who support the War on Drugs are all our elected people and they're almost all drug war scam artists or accomplices. Anyone running a scam will avoid any public confrontation with knowledgeable critics. There is no profit in running a scam if the public knows it's a scam.

We can talk about a debate but you're not going to pull any elected leaders into that debate. They've made their careers by avoiding the inconvenient truths and details about this scam. The biggest problem is the lapdog media. We need to write our editors with one simple request: tell the truth about this scam!