Sunday, February 05, 2006

Drug Czar has to sit this play out

Word has it that this year's Super Bowl will be the first one in a long time not to be interrupted by the Drug Czar's offensive advertisements. Want to know why?

He can't afford it!

That's right, due to poor performance, Congress has cut the Drug Czar's allowance for advertising down 44 percent in just five years. Those coveted gametime spots are just too costly this year.

Here's to a Drug War propaganda-free game!


Anonymous said...

i heart tom angell and his cute lil graphics

Anonymous said...

Are you really so obsessed that you watched the whole superbowl to see if there would be an anti-drug commercial? That's hilarious! Well, sort of pathetic really.

Micah Daigle said...

Actually, if you had clicked on any of the links in the author's post, you would have realized that he simply read reports that the anti-drug commercials would be cut. In fact, he made that post before the game started.

Reading comprehension is one of those wonderful skills that they test you for during the SATs. Luckily, this blog's contributers were able to do well on that test and subsequently made it into college.

800 pound gorilla said...

OK. So I'm one of the pathetic people who watched [or listened from my computer] to the whole superbowl for dangerous drugs mythology propaganda and heard none. There were a LOT of drug ads promoting recreational use of alcohol tho. But the Superbowl is a busy day for beer sales along with cholesterol laden foods. Gotta love our institutions. Super Bowl extra large [XL] for the human whales in our society.

Anonymous said...

I think it's fantastic that the drug czar couldn't afford the commercials. As a college student participating in the revocation of blatant lies broadcast to the nation, I commend everyone's effort to limit the amount of spending the drug czar has.