Friday, January 20, 2006

SSDP has a new executive director

SSDP is excited to announce that the Board of Directors has selected Kris Krane to lead our organization as executive director. Kris comes to SSDP with a wealth of knowledge and experience in drug policy reform, having served as associate director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) for the past five years.

Kris was an active member of SSDP while attending American University, and has played a key role in the explosive and sustained growth of NORML's student activist network.

The SSDP staff and chapters look forward to working with Kris to foster sensible drug policies that truly take into account the concerns of young people.


jesse stout said...

Congratulations Kris!

800 pound gorilla said...

The question is: are young people concerned with the long-term drug dependencies that will likely affect their lives? The likelihood of becoming drug dependent are over one in three. The likelihood of becoming drug addicted to "dangerous drugs" is less than one in thirty. Drug dependencies last a lot longer and their lethality is more fixed than the addictions to "dangerous drugs". And not only that but increasingly younger people are becoming drug dependent thanks to our deteriorating environment, less healthy foods, sedentary lifestyle and the promotion of emotional dependencies at all levels of society. These problems are becoming increasingly less of an "old persons problem" for old coots like myself.

But despite the realities in the real world of drugs are we going to put our heads in the sand and bicker over "dangerous drugs"? Do we let big drug sellers take over drug education or do we at least make an attempt to educate people about the proper role of drugs in a healthy lifestyle? The quick fix mentality is alive and well and spending billions each year to influence doctors and politicians. When are we going to discuss real drug problems?