Friday, December 09, 2005

Drug raids a go-go

Radley at The Agitator has had some interesting and infuriating posts about drug raids gone wrong recently. Check them out here, here, and here.

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Anonymous said...

I hope these cops sent those drug dealers to Federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison.

We had a dealer once in my neighborhood and we got that dopehead and his chronies kicked OUT after about a year of phone calls to the police. It was fantastic.

Joe Bartlett said...


It's not clear to me who "those drug dealers" to whom you refer are. As far as I could tell, Cury Maye's only "crimes" were being Black and living next door to someone who might have been involved with drugs. That his original attorney was unable to secure a not-guilty verdict by reason of self-defense, given that the facts of the case seem so clearly to favor such an interpretation of the events, is telling. It tells us that something's up with our crimonal justice system, when police can break into a man's house, probably unannounced and certainly for no good reason, with weapons drawn and a jury could be found to convict the man for defending his home and his child.

If you don't like drug dealers in your neighborhood, that's fine. Just remember that it's prohibition that drives drug trade to the black market in the first place. And, whether you're at home sleeping in your bed or out for dinner with your family, it's clear that our government's tactics in enforcing its drug laws make us all unsafe. Our government ought to be the ones protecting our rights and security from thugs recklessly endangering the lives of innocent people; instead, they're too busy doing the endangering themselves.

Your gladness over the removal of a drug dealer from your neighborhood is understandable. But in the process of removing drug dealers, our government puts all of the rest of us at risk too. Cory Maye and the diners unfortunate enough to be eating in those restaurants the day of the raid on them weren't drug dealers. In the restaurant raids, all involved were fortunate to escape with their lives; it will take a miracle for Cory Maye to avoid losing his.

Anonymous said...


Sorry if I annoyed you and made you write a lot of things. I didn't read any of it, but I hope you've called down a bit and gotten it out of your system.

Tom Angell said...

Hey "anonymous." I have a hard time believing that anyone could be as closed-minded as you're trying to make us think you are.

If you're just someone fooling around (and perhaps someone that's a friend of a blogger here) your actions are reprehensible. Stop wasting your and our time.

If you want to participate in civil discourse and disagreement, that's one thing, but just posting angry rhetoric and refusing to read responses is another.

Take a hike, will ya?

Anonymous said...

The AMA and the drug companies know that marijuana is the safest "drug" in the world. they also know there is no way the can make billions off of this product as they do the garbage they produce. It is all about the money. if they cannot make billions off of anything be it pot or naturel herbs, they try to keep that product from the public. check out how many years they have been trying to get laws passed that you have to go to a doctor and get his permission to buy the herbs we now get without having to pay a doctor his outrages fee. IT ALWAYS COMES BACK TO THE MONEY. If the gov. could find a way to charge us for the plants we grow and the marijuana we smoke, they would make it legal in a heartbeat.