Friday, December 16, 2005

DEA holiday fundraiser

I received this special holiday offer in my e-mail inbox from the Drug Enforcement Administration today:

For All You Last Minute Shoppers – the 2005 DEA Holiday Ornament

Christmas tree lacking a little something? There's still time to save the holidays! Click here to order your 2005 DEA Holiday Ornament. Order by December 19 to guarantee holiday delivery.

The link takes you to an online store where, in addition to the holiday ornament, you can buy all sorts of DEA paraphernalia. They've got everything from shirts to pens to posters to mugs to yes, even golf balls. But be sure to rock out for a bit to the catchy "bust 'em and lock 'em up" theme song that accompanies the flash animation before you click over to check out the products.

I guess the DEA is doing whatever they can to scrounge up funds in light of their recent poor report cards and resulting allowance probation. Why don't they just ask for a bigger share of asset forfeiture revenues by local law enforcement agencies?

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800 pound gorilla said...

Speaking of asset forfeiture, the Oregon State Police run a website at It is technically under the auspices of the Oregon Partnership [a state wide nonprofit version of PDFA]. On their site they openly lobbied for three measures in the Oregon Legislative session [how they keep their nonprofit status is baffling] including one to weaken a ballot measure passed in 2000 that would put an end to asset forfeitures without convictions - which were the norm [and still are in other states].
The other two measures passed by wide margins but I'm not certain how asset forfeiture went. When the measure requiring convictions for asset forfeiture was passed in 2000 it received surprising support from normally authoritarian militarist[aka conservative] lapdogs like property rights advocates - which surprised me.
The DEA is run by a scam artist and I'm certain that Walters can invent another scam to scare taxpayers into sitting still for more theft of citizen taxpayers' dollars. Maybe they'll hold bake sales. If they offer marijuana brownies at that sale put me in for ten dollars worth.