Monday, November 07, 2005

We see you, White House!

Thanks to all the visitors and contibuters from around the U.S. (and the world) that have made the recent launch of the DARE Generation Diary a huge success!

And special thanks to the Executive Office of the President for reading our blog today! I would speculate that the visitor was a young intern with the Office of National Drug Contol Policy, attempting to finally find some accurate information regarding our nation's drug policy. Welcome aboard, son!

Or perhaps it was even drug czar Johnny Walters himself, poking around to see what his favorite student organization is up to:

The last time I saw his Czarness (at the 2004 D.A.R.E. National Conference), he was preaching that the most crucial job DARE officers could do is to help the feds combat local efforts to legalize medical marijuana.

DARE to keep kids out of grandma's medicine cabinet?? Get real, Johnny.

Here's an idea: DARE to stop wasting taxpayer money on battling the sick and dying. Instead, spend it on something useful like... oh... treatment for addicts or effective drug education.


Anonymous said...

I notice that sitemeter thinks that the person in question was over at FEMA. Please try to remember that the government is huge and comprised of people of all ideological bents.

The government person who accessed your site may well be a fan of yours. Or he might be on the lookout for "dangerous commie scum who want to destroy America by subjugating its youth with mind destroying drugs."

I'm just saying that your speculation is groundless in this instance, and perhaps should be repudiated.

Love the blog, btw, even if I disagree with this particular post

runruff said...

Citizen by educated citizen we creep closer to the end of this
draconian, anti American prohibition enforced by federal law enforcment officers that more closely resemble Hitler's Brownshirts. Self serving bueracracies that lie and pander for more of their cut of the federal budget. Thirty five years of abject failure under a glaring bastardization of our constition by creating a CSA and cramming into the commerce clause like a square peg into a round hole. This isn't 1970 it is 2005 and we have the internet and many blog sites such as this one. Every day the truth is being spread and heard and You Johnny Pee and the DEA [Brownshirts] your days are numbered.

Micah Daigle said...

Glad you love the blog... and well noted.

I didn't notice that the sitemeter pointed at FEMA, and I should have. You are right that the person in question may indeed be on our side, and my intent was not to chastise him or her simply because of an affiliation with the government.

Nevertheless, I think it is naive to think that the ONDCP doesn't keep tabs on drug policy reform efforts. A large part of ONDCP's budget goes directly toward combating reform efforts, and waging war involves acquiring intelligence. I'm not paranoid, I'm realistic.

If the ONDCP does decide to stop on by, we always have the WELCOME mat rolled out. Unlike them, the DARE Generation has nothing to hide.

Anonymous said...

Nevertheless, I think it is naive to think that the ONDCP doesn't keep tabs on drug policy reform efforts.

Duly noted as well. I think we understand each other. I just wanted to warn against overly paranoid interpretations of your log analyses, as false interpretations can so cloud your thinking that you do not recognize a true danger when one materializes.

Keep up the good work.

- BruceH