Saturday, August 16, 2008

SSDP on MTV Think!

SSDP is now a group on MTV think. Create a profile and join the group right here.

I know what your thinking. MTV? Involved with something that isn't lowering the quality of popular music and convincing the average 16 year old that they are entitled to a Mercedes Benz and a birthday party that is incomplete without flame throwing trapeze artists and Siberian Tigers? Yes actually.

MTV think is super cool and promotes that young people should organize, speak out, vote, and have a say in policies that affect them. By joining the SSDP group you can promote discussions, upload videos and audio, complete goals and earn badges/prizes, and network with plenty of other organizations and young people from around the world. Groups are broken up into issues such as substance abuse, poverty, health, education, human rights and environment (unfortunately each group is only allowed to pick 2 issues and SSDP is related to just about all of them). One important part of think is that it allows us to bring the reform message to young people that are concerned about substance abuse but haven't heard our side of the story yet. Check out this forum.

Please create a profile and join the group (we only have one member right now and its me!)


nick said...

I check that website first.

Anonymous said...

i never thought i'd have a chancve to say this, but i must be getting to old for this, i firmly believe everything you are saying, and i have some strong feeling for bothrecand med marijuana usage as i use it for spasticity and spasms from a stroke, but can't get the strong medicinal qty pot needed for efficasy. GOOD LUCKwE NEED CONGRESS NOT TO VOTE ON LEGALIZATION, BUT ON ALLOWING MEDICAL RESEARCH BY DOCTORS UNIVERSITIES UNHAMPERED BY THE DEA AND OTHER GOVT. DOJtHEN IT GETS RESCHEDULED AND THEN LEGALIZE AND TAX AND GROW HEMP FOR ETHANOL AND CLOTHING. ETC AD INFINITUM