Tuesday, August 12, 2008

SSDP at the D.A.R.E. Conference: Day One

Today was a bit of a bust. There were only two training sessions, followed by a parade of all the "pimped out" D.A.R.E. vehicles seized via asset forfeiture laws, a motorcycle stunt show, and an opening reception with mariachi music and fajitas. (Okay, so it was kind of fun.)

I did get a lot of great video footage today, but nothing too juicy to blog about yet. Tomorrow is when the conference really gets going, so there will be much more to report on then.

Also, I found out that the Drug War celebs who I thought were speaking (Gonzales, Hatch, & Walters) are going to be no-shows. The video I posted earlier indicated that they'd be here, but they are nowhere in the program materials. Bummer.

Tomorrow, I'm attending the following two workshops:
  • Drug Trends in America: Raves, Ecstasy, Club Drugs and Inhalants
  • How the Media is Affecting Our Kids

The latter workshop is four hours (good grief!) but should be pretty entertaining.

Over and out.


Jonathan Perri said...

Drug Trends Panel:

Ask if anyone thinks marijuana prohibition and random school drug testing caused students to increase use of inhalants.

That sort of critical thinking should get some panties in a twist. ;)

Jim Miller said...

Way to go Micah,

There is a question that I have been trying to get an answer to from the DAREers since 1996 with no success. Maybe you might get an opportunity to ask.
With so many people saying "kids might get a mixed message about medical marijuana" as it becomes legal, why does DARE refuse to include anything about mmj in it's presentations? If you really were afraid of a mixed message you would be attempting to send the "correct" message I would think.